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It's funny, I've played in Jazz bands and visited with musicians that were die hard Jazz fans. They always say that the #1 rule is never sacrifice the grove for a fill. It's funny because many of them won't stick to this rule, especially when it comes time for one up the other guy.

I have Sirius satellite radio and have planet jazz on one of the presets. It depends on the song if I listen for too long or not. Occasionally I find a song with a great grove and I set back and enjoy. There are some runs and fills that boggle the mind but the great stuff will stick with you like Peanut Butter. Then again there are times I'll switch it back to blues or rock because it's putting me to sleep.

Listening to the 20th anniversary copy of "Surfing with the Alien" it surprised me how the best stuff on the disc is the humble harmonies that Joe came up with. Even the fast stuff fit the grove well and wasn't there to show off his technique.

I guess I'm in camp that The Ulnarian is in. I can listen to Dream Theater and be impressed for 10 minutes and then it starts to blur together. The new Velvet Revolver record doesn't have the same chops, but the hooks will dig into you all day long.
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