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AtomicBomb said:
Hey everyone. I've been trying to like jazz for at least 6 years now. Maybe 1 out of 1,000 jazz songs ever make my hairs stand up on my neck.

I agree that guitarists like Joe Pass and Pat Martino were/are impressive, but is it just me or does the neurotic form sound like complete crap?

Okay, so jazz is "good," maybe even "the supreme music of the universe." Why do people like hearing it? There's something about the crazy off-time and complex melodies that make me want to hurl.

There, I said it.:thumb:
It's all subjective, down to personal taste. How can you say a whole genre is "good" or "bad"? There are good musicians and bad musicians... but beyond that, it's like colours... you may prefer green and I prefer red...

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I can understand the frustration - however, try to think of jazz as the freedom to fly emotionally and mentally. Jazz is the guitarist day dream moving from one soundscape towards another - would highly recommend listening to any album by John Abercrombie:

1.) Night
2.) current events

im a hugh fan of angst driven nu-metal like Slipknot but after awhile you have to search out and find other avenues of inspiration. this is not limited to just guitar - think also of

1.) Charlie parker
2.) john coltrane

A very under apreciated guitarist in this forum is Allan Holdsworth.

1.) metal fatigue
2.) Sands

The man can play anything with such ease and depth that you wonder how is it possible. Allan was asked how he came up with his style and he said listening to the likes of the above(basically sax stuff and transcribing those jazz riffs) is just like a hot lead/solo. For me, Jazz is the notebook of how to be free and expressive with your instrument - otherwise you will only sound like the rest of the sheep - i cannot tell you how many times visiting the local guitar center store to try out some gear and hearing the kids these day play the same power chord with some lame distortion set to 11 is not only sad but but discouraging for the preservation of the instruments essence.

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