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Wooden Shjips - London, Borderline 19th August 2009

Total Psychedelic Sonic Assault.

Linage : Sony ECM-719 mic > Edirol R-09RH recorder - 16bit 44.1Khz WAvs stereo (Low Cut - on, Limiter/agc - off, mic gain - Low) > PC Adobe
Audition > TLH > FLACS > Zip > You.
Recorded : 5 meters back from the stage slightly to the right.
Recorded by : SA

Wow ! this was one VERY loud gig, in a packed hot and sweaty small club in Londons west end. They had a few technical problems with the bass
cutting out a couple of times so they had to re start two songs.
The vocals were very low in the mix, butI guess thats how they like them.

13 songs including the two re-started ones. The only title I know is the last one 'Vampire Blues' cos they said it.
If anyone can do a set list and post it that would be great.

Rock on

ps - Im reposting this as the post said moved for some reason? Hope this works for you.
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