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XTC Live Old Waldorf 2:25:80 (Full show)


-This is an audio recording of my live radio broadcast of XTC at the Old Waldorf 2/25/80.This was the first of two nights. Like all of my live recordings this was mixed direct to 2-Track Reel To Reel using headphones.Sitting in the club with the loud P.A. sound trying to drive the amp in my mixing board loud enough to hear what I was mixing.If you've ever been to a live concert,then,you know how loud it can be.Mixed on a cheap Peavey MkII 12 channel mixing board to Technics RS-1500 2-Track Reel To Reel.I will be posting most of my live recordings from San Francisco from 1979-1981.

Recorded,Mixed & Produced by: Terry Hammer ; (p)1980 : Terry Hammer.

Song list:

1.- DJ Intro,
2.- Beatown,
3.- Real By Reel,
4.- When You're Near Me I Have Difficulty,
5.- Life Begins At The Hop,
6.- The Rythm,
7.- Meccanik Dancing (Oh We Go!),
8.- Heat Wave,
9.- Scissor Man,
10.- Ten Feet Tall,
11.- Helicopter,
12.- This Is Pop,
13.- Battery Brides,
14.- Statue Of Liberty, Instant Tunes,
15.- Crowded Room,
16.- Are You Receiving Me?,
17.- Complicated Game,
18.- Making Plans For Nigel
19.- DJ Outro

XTC - 1980-02-25 -San Francisco, CA - Old Waldorf FM [320] {terry hammer} [FM].zip | Solidfiles
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