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Some Yardbirds by request, thank go to MauroR for digging these out.......

Yardbirds -
Santa Monica, CA;
July 22, 1967

This is a recording of the Yardbirds in Santa Monica, CA, first uploaded by me to Dime back in May 2007. The source is a very low gen. cassette dub from Jan. 1986 which lists the recording date as 1968. However, the included poster says the actual date was July 22, 1967 which I am pretty sure is correct. (The performance and set list are closer to the April 1967 Stockholm show than the spring 1968 US shows.)

This is an audience recording. By modern standards it is terrible but keep in mind its age. The main problem is the vocals are very low in the mix and distorted. As I recall, one of the 2007 commenters said that Captain Beefheart blew out the P.A. system. Jimmy "Magic Fingers" Page comes through loud and clear, and the rhythm section is mostly audible. I slightly boosted the bass and cut the midrange with my trusty old 12 band equalizer, and tinkered with levels in Cool Edit Pro 2.1.

In 2007 I included two pictures from around this time period for someone else to work with, and someone was nice enough to make CD covers which are now included. The files are tagged differently now but the music is the same. Presented in FLAC 1.3.0. Reseed by request by watchit, Jan. 2014.

1. Train Kept a-Rollin' (conclusion)
2. Mr. You're a Better Man Than I
3. Heart Full of Soul
4. I Wish You Would/Hey Gyp
5. My Baby
6. Most Likely You'll Go Your Way
7. Smile on Me
8. I'm a Man
9. Over Under Sideways Down

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