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The Spectrum
Philadelphia, PA
February 16, 1974
Afternoon show

35th Anniversary Edition

Lineage: Audience -> tape copy (at least one) -> CD -> EAC -> Sound Forge -> FLAC

This is the first of two shows Yes played on February 16, 1974. The shortened set doesn't hurt the performances at all. In fact, the boys should probably have played more afternoon shows, as they sound really great! Steve Howe really burns his guitar on the second encore, after the audience refused to let them go following Roundabout.

Audio quality is good. The remaster fixed a few gaps and cuts, some hum, and some crazy volume level changes.

Wish I'd been there for this one!

February 20, 2009

Jon Anderson
Chris Squire
Steve Howe
Rick Wakeman
Alan White


Disk 1
1.01 Firebird Suite (0.48)
1.02 Siberian Khatru (9.55)
1.03 And You And I (9.54)
1.04 Close to the Edge (20.27)
1.05 The Revealing Science of God (19.57)

Disk 2
2.01 Ritual (25.07)
2.02 Roundabout (9.25)
2.03 Yours Is No Disgrace (15.15)

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