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Yes - 1980-09-02 - Portland, ME
(Audience FLAC)

Civic Center
Audience: A-

CD 1 (73:20):
01 Does It Really Happen?
02 Yours Is No Disgrace
03 Into The Lens
04 The Clap
05 And You And I
06 Go Through This
07 Man In A White Car Suite
08 We Can Fly From Here
09 Tempus Fugit
10 Amazing Grace~Whitefish

CD 2 (77:25):
01 Machine Messiah
02 Starship Trooper
03 Roundabout
04 Can You Imagine?*
05 Telephone Secrets*
06 Mind Drive*
07 Fortune Hunter*
08 You Don't Know+
09 Make It Easy+
10 Open Your Box+

* tracks: XYZ session feat. Chris Squire, Alan White & Jimmy Page, april 1981
+ tracks: Cinema rehearsals, 1982

About the remaster: Each side of tape individually speed corrected. Tape problems and microphone bumps removed. Audience chatter removed. Small silence gap on Yours Is No Disgrace crossfaded with another show (from the same week). Silence gap on Roundabout crossfaded with the same section from later in the song. Volume normalization.
XYZ tracks: speed correction and bass frequencies reduced.

This is the only show from the Drama Tour on my collection. I received it on cdr several years ago. It sounded great, but there were lots of things to improve. I made a remastered version with its own cover art and bonus tracks. Hope you like it, highly recommended!!



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This one is a can't miss.......should be in anyones collection. The extras tracks have been around, but are very nice to have one way or the other.

Thank you EDGE, for all you have done...your comments, opinions, uploads, care in delivering outstanding material for everyone to enjoy...including giving many different options for anyone who complains.....even if people STILL do.

I have had nothing but a great time coming and going over many years here. You are the main reason, I STILL do.

I just want to thank you much....for everything, for keeping it up, taking it when don't have know...all the stuff that comes with what you do......

THANKS from everyone(even if everyone isn't saying it....)
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