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Velez Sarfield Stadium
Buenos Aires, Argentina

I have always seen the other two Buenos Aires shows available in Yes trading circles (i.e. Feb. 1 and Feb. 9), but in my trade list I saw where I had tapes of Feb. 2. I pulled out the show, blew the dust off and discovered a really messy sounding show. At first listen I thought a channel was out of phase, but then discovered that the right channel was muffled yet had bass. The left channel was clearer and hardly any bass at all. It's as if the taper used two recorders, one for left and one for right. It is a stereo recording, but that just means the audience is more in stereo than the band. The crowd is very loud and very enthusiastic as well, sometimes singing along and drowning out the band. I had my work cut out for me. I wanted not only to clean this up for myself, but get it out to other fans as this is a rare recording, but may only be for completists. It is a long recording for this tour at 145 minutes, but there is all the crowd stuff between songs.

I spent about 6 hours re-tooling this thing and got it to where it's not bad at all. Some things were not fixable such as bad tape spots, but those are few. The crowd couldn't be tamed. I did EQ the channels so they sounded similar and then mastered the thing as best as I could. The worst thing about the show, but was easy to fix, was that it ran tremendously fast almost to the point where Jon sounded like one of the Chipmunks. I was actually close to 2 keys higher than it should be. There is some hiss on the right channel in spots, but it's only because the show needed to be clearer. I did minimize it as much as I could according to my taste. BTW, this can be played as one long show, but if burning to disc then the suggested split is listed below.

Lineage: unknown source or gen of cassettes > WAV > Sound Forge 12 Pro > Ozone 8 Advanced > FLAC

Jon Anderson - vocals
Chris Squire - bass, vocals
Trevor Rabin - guitar, vocals
Tony Kaye - keys, vocals
Alan White - drums

1.01 Cinema
1.02 Leave It
1.03 Yours Is No Disgrace
1.04 Drum Solo / Hold On
1.05 Hearts
1.06 I've Seen All Good People
1.07 Si
1.08 Solly's Beard
1.09 Changes
1.10 And You And I
2.01 Soon
2.02 Make It Easy / Owner Of A Lonely Heart
2.03 It Can Happen
2.04 Amazing Grace / Whitefish
2.05 City Of Love
2.06 Starship Trooper
2.07 Roundabout
2.08 Gimme Some Lovin'



Yes - 1985-02-02 Buenos Aires, Argentina (RARE).rar - FileFactory
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