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April 11, 2012
Palais Theatre
St Kilda

Recorded by Brother Ruprechkt

01. Yours is no Disgrace
02. Tempus Fugit
03. I've seen all good people
04. Life on a film set
05. Solitaire
06. Australia
07. And You and I
08. Fly from here Part I-V
09. Wondorous Stories
10. Into the Storm
11. Heart of the Sunrise
12. Owner of a Lonely Heart
13. Starship Trooper
14. Audience
15. Roundabout

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Thank You!!!

and, filefactory isnt all that 'evil'. ive been able to d/l many gb of shows/dvds from there with no problem. but once i got "timed-out" as a free user, it took almost 2 weeks to be able to d/l files from there. have patience, save your links, and DO NOT give $ to commercial bootleggers or filesharing sites. i see those 2 as 'one of the same'.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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