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Yes - 2014-07-09 - New York, NY
(audience FLAC)

01 intro
02 Siberian Khatru
03 And You and I
04 Close to the Edge
05 Believe Again
06 Roundabout
07 Cans and Brahms
08 We Have Heaven
09 South Side of the Sky
10 Five Percent For Nothing
11 Long Distance Runaround
12 The Fish (Schindleria Prematurus)
13 Mood For a Day
14 Heart of the Sunrise
15 All Good People
16 Owner of a Lonely Heart
17 Starship Trooper

The lights went down while I was still trying to connect everything. This caused some major headaches. I had to rush to place the mics on the lighting rig railing that protrudes out from the mezz. As soon as I reached over the ledge, I couldn't believe how far it was. Amazed I had already done it once at Willie Nelson. I placed the mics and went to turn the recorder on and noticed one of my mics was no longer on the rail!! The mic clip and mic came undone from the putty. Luckily, nothing fell and was lost below, but no idea how hard the mic hit the mezz wall. I had to go back out and retrieve the putty and start again. By this time the venue was lit up pretty good, so I handheld the left mic until the lights went back out after the intro. I still don't know how I did it, but I got it back onto the railing. I had to readjust the mics a few times throughout the show due to the fact I never really got them on that great in the beginning. Each time was hairball, but the recording sounds great without any up close clapping, singing or talking. ENJOY!


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