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Label: Bilko.
Label Number: CD 1592 / LPS 1592.
Release Date: 1989.
Recording Type: Undubbed Studio Versions.
Location: RCA' Studio A, Hollywood.
Date: March 1975.
Sound: Soundboard.​

T.R.O.U.B.L.E [undubbed master]
Fairytale [undubbed master]
Shake A Hand [undubbed master]
Woman Without Love [undubbed master]
Pieces Of My Life [undubbed master]
Bringin’ It Back [undubbed master]
Susan When She Tried [alternate take]
And I Love You So [undubbed master]
I Can Help [undubbed master]
Green Green Grass Of Home [undubbed master]

NOTE: a collection of undubbed songs from the March 1975 sessions that were released on the "Today" RCA' album.
Re-released on "Unsurpassed Masters Volume 3" bootleg CD.


Enjoy !
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