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Just made it in time for returning for full refund. The concept of the amp was nice, but it could not handle hunbuckers. Also playing back thru the aux ports, my mp3's had to be on the cleaninsh type. Any backing guitar tracks with crunch sounded like crap. Not what I wanted. On the plus side you could change the key to play in on the 50 presets, so not a bad thing. Fender will grow this into something really cool if Line6 doesn't beat them to the punch. Taking this unit back became all clear after playing a Pod XT Live thru a Bose cylinder system - frinking rules. I have a Pod XT as well as a J-Station. What was I thinking. Well money has been on the tighter side, but throwing away money is even more foolish. This is what is coming and I still won't be able to record for a little while longer. MSP5.html

But this should at least keep me on the happy side of things jamming wise. Please feel free to let me know if you had any bad experinces with the above gear. Maybe next year I can pop for a hard disk mixer.

The Bose does rock, but more than 2K with a subwoofer.
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