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Yngwie Malmsteen with the New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra
Concerto in Tokyo, Japan June 17, 2001

***First Set***
Black Star
Evil Eye
Trilogy Suite Opus 5 1st Segment

***Second Set***
l. Icarus Dream Fanfare
ll. Cavallino Rampante
lll. Fugue
lV. Prelude To April
V. Tocatta
Vl. Andante
Vll. Saravande
Vlll. Requiem (Allegro, Adagio)
lX. Vivacem
X. Presto Vivace
Xl. Finale
Xll. Paganini, Adagio
Xlll. Far Beyond The Sun

Download Here:,+Tokyo,+Japan.rar
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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