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This is a topic that I need a lot of education on. :confused:

Also, can anyone define VST for me (or VSTi)?

I'm fairly certain that I have plug-ins and VSTs, but I don't really know what to do with them. :dunno:

I've got a lot of this to do -->

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lol - Yeah it is Virtual Studio Technology (I think) and it is primarily for steinberg software (so your nuendo is ok mate). VSTs fall into two categories. FX and Instruments. These are plugins that work within your chosen DAW (Digital Audio workstation).

VST Instruments are pretty useful. for example deal with emulation of real instruments and are considered by many as world leaders in instrument modeling. I use their Battery for drums and the B4 hammond simulator.

The benefit of vst instruments is they replace the midi hardware alternative. Most audiocards (not soundcards, they're for gamers) do not have midi hardware included and you have to pay a fair bit to get DECENT midi hardware. so vst instruments are a good alternative.

VST fx are a mixed bag. these fall into several categories. Generic fx and mastering fx. generic fx are your standard delays and distortions (there are so many of these it is hard to give a good example but will do) Mastering VSTs tend to be a bit more costly. Ozone ( is a good starting point as it has a lot of presets that are usable without any modifications. Waves native bundle is excellent but at $2000+ it is not something that is cheap.

The downside of any plugin is that it eats your system resources. You need a ninja pc to run a lot of plugins and a shit load of memory. use them sparingly and you won't have many problems. mix and bounce down logically and you won't have to make many compromises. But the litmus test for any pc is to run ozone vocal treatment in realtime. if it can handle that without stuttering you are in business. however most can't!!

hope that is of some help jeff :)

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Wow, thanks for the tutorial, Goport. I really appreciate the push in the right direction (I know I've got a lot to read about this stuff, but the hardest part can often be knowing where to start). I am always impressed with how much knowledge you have on home recording. I suppose I will get there someday, with lots of practice and experience (hell, I didn't know ANY of this stuff at this time last year, prior to joining this site, so I am sure it is just a matter of gaining experience and taking baby steps). Anyway, thanks for taking the time to share what you know. I will print this off and follow up on the tips you presented. You're a good man, Lawrence. :thumbup:

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So thats what they do , heh heh your a genius guv"nor , Goport that was an excellent description , couple of things you pointed out there i never knew about . im defo gonna try out using Ozone in real time with the Mic , i dont expect to do very well , but i will look at that test in the same way as i use Winamp for benchmarking my graphics .

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My main aim when starting this post was to find out just what you guys were using ,I wanted to know which software was cutting it , so its been usefull so far , Stingx has made me aware of a couple of things and Porty has shed light over some of Cubases inner workings , Keep posting guys :thumb:

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one of the most impressive plugins has to be L4 Ultra Maximizer. Stick that on your output bus and it really does improve the overall levels.

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Man, I use so many that I don't think I can narrow it down to 5, lol. But I'll try...

1) Ozone 3
Tons of presets! Probably the best mastering plugin out there (with the exception of the Waves stuff - but it's wayyyyy overpriced!)

2) Elemental Audio Systems Firium
Awesome EQ features including the best EQ matching available.

3) BBE Sonic Maximizer
A cool mastering plugin that allows the high frequencies to reach your ears before they can be masked by the higher energy low frequencies.

4) Sonitus Reverb
Comes bundled in with Cakewalk, but is the best sounding reverb plugin I've ever used.

5) PSP Vintage Warmer
Cause, after all, this is digital recording. We need to add some warmth somehow, lol.

Honorable mention...
Anwida Soft GEQ31V, Native Instruments Battery 2, Native Instruments Guitar Rig, IK Mulitimedia Amplitube.

:jot: There's a ton of freebies out there too, so don't go spending a fortune on stuff when you don't have to. I copied this from another forum, but it's very useful. Here's a comprehensive list of free plugins...

BlueChorus (Blueline)
Hexaline (BigTick - BigTick - )
mda Detune (mda - )

Baxxpander (elogoxa - )
BlockFish (digitalfishphones - )
BlueCompressor (Blueline)
dB Compressor
Dominion (digitalfishphones - )
Dyno hard compressor
Dyno2 soft compressor
Endorphin (digitalfishphones - )
H2O (Smartelectronix - )
mda Dynamics (mda - )
mda Limiter (mda - )
mda Multiband (mda - )
Megatone multiband compressor
PalancarWare Brick Wall Limiter (PalancarWare - )
THD (digitalfishphones - )

BlueDelay (Blueline)
Blue Multitap Delay (Blueline)
Bouncy Delay (Smartelectronix)
Chime Machine
Dual Delay (BigTick - )
dB Prodelay
dB Sweepdelay
dB TempoDelay
dfx Buffer Override (destroyFX - )
Deloizer ( )
Echotank XL ( )
EZDelay (Topaz - )
Flotser ( )
IndyGo Delay ( )
Karlette (Steinberg)
More Feedback Machine ( )
mda DubDelay (mda - )
Phutboyslim ( )
Ping Pong V
Rhythmic Metalisation Delay ( )
Scuzzphut6 ( )
TK-BPM Delay
Voxengo Tempodelay

Breather ( )
CamelPhatFree (Camel Audio - )
mda Bandisto (mda - )
Deconstructor (Tobybear - )
HNM Distortion
dfx Geomoter (destroyFX - )
Muon Mdrive (mda - )
BJ Overdrive
Blood Overdrive
mda Overdrive (mda - )
SimulAnalog Guitar Suite ( )
Throbber ( )
TrAmp ( )
VCS Reducer
LoFi Plus
mda Degrade (mda - )
RefX Trasher
Plogue Rebuilder (Plogue - )
Plogue MixedGrains (Plogue - )
Polarizer (destroyFX - )
Distortionator Mk2 ( )
Verzerr alpha 0.9 ( )

BlueEQ (Blueline)
dfx EQ Sync (destroyFX - )
mda Tracker (mda - )
Blue ParamEQ (Blueline)
Invada Filter
JS Equaliser
JS Band-cut EQ
JS 6-band Equaliser

Doppler ( )
Frohmage (Ohmboyz)
Morphone (Tobybear - )
NastyShaper (BigTick - )
Shocker (Tobybear - )
BlueFilter (Blueline)
Cyanide (Smartelectronix - )
Cyanide 2 (Smartelectronix - )
Little Duck
mda RezFilter (mda - )
Multilens (Sinusweb - )
PalancareWare Neutronium (PalancarWare - )
NorthPole resonant filter (Prosoniq - )
VitaminD Filterbank2
dfx Rez Synth (destroyFX - )
JS Resonnateur
ZFilter Dub
MIDI-Controlled Filter (postDawn - )
npol ( )
Breather ( )
Throbber ( )
MMLFO4ilter (Topaz - )
MM4ilter (Topaz - )
Dyna4ilter (Topaz - )

SupaPhaser (Smartelectronix - )
Bluephaser (Blueline)
BlueFlanger (Blueline)
TK FeedFlanger
TK FlangerDestructor
VCS UltraPhazer

AlliGater (Tobybear - )
AntiGate (Bioroid - )
BlueGate (Blueline)
dfx MidiGater (destroyFX - )
FloorFish (digitalfishphones - )
Hybrid Alien MidiGate ( )
Indygo Gater ( )
Skidder (destroyFX - )
AntiGate (bioroid - )
MIGA ( )

Pitch Shaper/Manipulator
BPMtoPitch (Topaz - )
MadShifta! (Tobybear - )
mda RePsycho (mda - )
ShivaShifta (Tobybear - )
dfx Scrubby (destroyFX - )

Abyss ( )
Ambience ( )
dfx Transverb (destroyFX - )
FreeverbToo15 (Sinusweb - )
NBM Studioverb (NBM-StudioVerb - )
PSP Pianoverb
RoomMachine844 (Silverspike - )
SIR ( )
Simple Reverb

BJ Ringmodulator
HNM Ringmodulator
Robobear (Tobybear - )
Silverbox (Tobybear - )
TK Sinmod
mda Ring Modulator (mda - )
The Modulator (ndc plugs - )

Speaker/Amplifier Simulator
mda Combo (mda - )
mda Leslie (mda - )
RubyTube (Silverspike - )
Voxengo Tubeamp
Izotope Vinyl
SimulAnalog Guitar Suite ( )

Stimulator/Stereo/3D Enhancer
BlueStereo (Blueline)
SpitFish de-esser (digitalfishphones - )
mda Imager (mda - )
mda Stereo (mda - )
mda Roundpan (mda - )
rgc Low Frequency Stimulator (rgcAudio - )
rgc High Frequency Stimulator (rgcAudio - )
Monomaker (destroyFX - )
Inverter ( )
Dyneo ( )
Stancer ( )

Visual Aid
bs-spectrum ( )
Inspector ( )
PSP Vintage Meter
RMS Buddy (destroyFX - )

Dec Vocoder
mda Talkbox (mda - )
mda Vocoder (mda - )


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Question :confused:

with all these plug- ins....what Main program do you use them with????? All of this is greek to me but with this forums help maybe it will take some of the pain in learning all this away.

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I thought I already did on this very thread. VST plugins are designed for Steinberg Cubase and Nuendo. However they also work with a number of other applications Such as Sonar, Ableton Live and Cool Edit. VST plugins are either software instrument simulations (drums, bass, keys etc) or fx (chorus, verb, delays and mastering tools).

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GLStanley said:
Can Somebody answer the above post for me??
I think most people use plugins in their recording tools like pro-tools and guitar tracks pro and whatever else there is that will work with VST plugins. I use a different set of tools that has its own set of plugin libraries...but what I use them for is to put effects on my tracks in my recording program. My drum machine can do them also but I don't use that feature.

I just click on this box in the mixer and say "add plugin" and select what I want out of this really long list of effects and shit. Then I make some adjustments through its custom gui and close it. When I use the track the effect gets applied. I can put effect pre/post fader and I can tell them to alter the track directly or just apply on play/record.

I don't know how they work in the Windows and Mac based systems but I bet it is similar though maybe a bit more sophisticated. I can use VST plugins if I want but haven't tried...I think I have to be running in 32 bit mode and I'm in 64 right now. That might change soon.

Now, if your question is more on how to use effects to get what you want that is a wholely different question than I am answering...and I can't help you much.

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ok - bluesy was asking me about these earlier so I searched out this thread.

VST is a steinberg developed standard.
DX is a cakewalk derived standard (direct X plugins)
RTAS is a protools standard.

RTAS is on its own pretty much but DX and VST compatibility is pretty common in most DAWs. Once the i gets added (for instrument ala DXi VSTi) things become a little more unstable. but most applications have a "wrapper" for these and make non standard plugins work. If you are unsure then do a web search.
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