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Hello everybody :irock:

Sorry for my bad English but I'm a French :haha:
I post my Youtube channel recordings on guitar.
Hope you enjoy them :Sylvia:

The Channel -> My Youtube Channel

Old Covers :

Amon Amarth -> The Beheading of a King Cover
Amon Amarth -> Death In Fire Cover
Amon Amarth -> Siegreicher Marsch (Victorious Marsch)
Amon Amarth -> The Poursuit of Vikings
Amon Amarth -> Where Silent Gods Stand Guard
Amon Amarth -> Thousand Years of Oppression
Amon Amarth -> Guardians Of Asgaard

New Video, New Guitar en new band for this cover :bannana_g

In Flames -> Lord Hypnos

Enjoy :beerbang:
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