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undefinedim selling a zoom 505 2 effects pedal works good is awsome fo rany style of me if u want to gimme an offer will tradetoo for other pedals,amps,guitars,heavy metal dvds if dvds more then 4-5 please well email me at [email protected] if u are intrested

Features Built In Auto Chromatic Tuner, Stereo Output with Master Level Control

Effects 33 Versatile Effects. Ex. Distortion, Reverbs, Chorus, Flanger, EQ, 2 Octive Pitch Bend, Ring Modulator, Tremolo, 4 Different Types Of Delay, Auto-Wah & Compression. Up To Nine Effects Can Be Used At The Same Time.

Featuring a sleek new design, easy analog operation, nine powerful new guitar effects and amp modeling, the 505 II Guitar takes the world's most popular compact multi-effect guitar pedal to a new standard of performance.


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