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ZZ Top
Market Square Arena
Indianapolis, Indiana

Source: Audience Recording
Lineage: PZM mics > Sony D-5 > MAC > Nak DR-3 > Emu 1212M > 24/96 Wave > Wavelab 5 > plugins > R8brain Pro >
16/44.1 Wave > cd wave > TLH (flac lvl 8 ) > flac16

disc 1

d1t01. Got Me Under Pressure
d1t02. Sleeping Bag
d1t03. Waiting For The Bus >
d1t04. Jesus Just Left Chicago
d1t05. Gimme All your Lovin
d1t06. Ten Foot pole
d1t07. Manic Mechanic
d1t08. Heard It On the X
d1t09. Rough Boy
d1t10. Cheap Sunglasses
d1t11. Driving While Blind
d1t12. She's Got Legs
d1t13. Sharp Dressed Man
d1t14. Can't Stop Rockin
d1t15. Stages
d1t16. Velcro Fly
d1t17. Tube Snake Boogie >
d1t18. La Grange >
d1t19. Tush



- A very full and energetic show. Huge props to Greg for capturing it. I has the big venue feel
with lots of resonance and reverb. The vocals can get a little low at times, but it's hardly
enough to take away from the source. Enjoy.

- There are some slight fluctuations in the phase throughout the source. All minor, not worth
tinkering with.

- Very small anomalies in the very end of Tush, left as is.

- All tape flips and tape pauses crossfaded.


- Taped by Garageboy

- Transferred, Edited by Bgreen.

- Tracked, Flaced, Packed by Sal (AKA Simone)

- First seeded to January 2009

- LMPP592

- Brought To You By Live Music Preservation Project

- Any questions/comments contact [email protected]



Download Here:

Download Here:

Download Here:

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